Extrication Emergency Response Guide

Extrication GuideEarlier in the year Joe Brown from Firehouse Pride gave me a call about an extrication guide that he thought would be very useful in the Fire Service here in the states. The only problem was it was written for the European Fire Service and needed to be translated and written for the states. After several drafts and reviews Firehouse Pride released the Emergency Response Guide for Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles.  Now just in case you think this is a shameless plug to drum up revenue on a product I worked on, it’s not.  I didn’t get any money to edit the guide and I don’t get any cash when someone buys it and that helped keep the cost of the guide down.  I believe it is a useful tool that will need to be updated and will evolve every few years.  So by all means, if you find something that is not in the guide that should be, let me know.

Below is the official description of what Firehouse Pride is all about.  However, I can sum it up for you.  Firehouse Pride helps firefighters with products that can improve the Fire Service or make the fire ground safer get exposure and marketing. The Pig, TruForce Forcible Entry Training System, and Ladder Wraps/Attack Wraps are just a few products that Firehouse Pride has helped make a firehouse name.

Firehouse Pride is dedicated to providing you with quality products from the minds of experienced firefighters around the Country. Some are service spawned, others are pride based, but none are “gimmicks”. Members and contributors of Firehouse pride are from all different backgrounds and departments with a common bond of a love for the job of firefighting. This website is our attempt to bring you one place to find some of the most innovative and interesting products in today’s fire service.

Emergency Response Guide for Electric, Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicles

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