Telsa Motors Extrication Training Video

Telsa Motor Extrication Training Video Ron Moore Fremont

  • Ron Moore and Brock Archer have been working with Tesla Motors to develop some training for first responders.  Below is a detailed breakdown of the free extrication training video on Telsa Electric Vehicle:

  • The project involves the creation of an approx. 30 min long Electric Vehicle Response Video. The video uses the Tesla Model S as an example, but addresses general EV response considerations. Some of the topics covered are… basic electrical concepts, how electric vehicles work, high voltage component locations and their function, stabilization considerations (specific to EV’s), high voltage shut-down procedures for EV’s, and more…

Telsa Motor Extrication Training Video Ron Moore Fremont Brock Archer

  • The NFPA has supported the creation of the training video by contributing graphics, video clips and animations from their EV Safety Training program.
  • The video includes a hands on instructional demonstration (cutting on a Model S) of some special considerations that must be maintained when an extrication assignment is received for a vehicle that utilizes high voltage components.
  • The video is part of a training package that, with Tesla Motors support, Brock Archer will be releasing in mid Dec 2012. The training package includes the 30 min training video, a Tesla EV Response Training Presentation, a ground breaking ERG that’s complete with suggestions for UHSS and high voltage workaround techniques, and a Model S quick reference card. The entire package will be completely free and first responders will be able to download the material online.

Telsa Motor Extrication Training Video Ron Moore HV Battery

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