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Heavy Rescue 101 Northern Ohio FOOLS 2014

Northern Ohio FOOLS Heavy Rescue 101

One of the best extrication training events in the country is held every year by the Northern Ohio FOOLS.  Heavy Rescue 101 is nearly a decade old and the FOOLS are able to keep this extrication training free.  Yes, FREE! ...

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2013 Annual Extrication Training Events

Firefighters and rescue personnel should consider attending one of the annual extrication seminars and training events around the United States, Canada, and even around the world that offer different methods of instruction and knowledge.

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Struts Galore at FDIC

Walking around the floor at FDIC I thought to myself that I must be in extrication heaven, or at least Struts Galore to say the least! Struts were everywhere at FDIC. Almost every major strut manufacturer had a booth with a car with the rubber up. Below are a few pictures from Res-Q-Jack’s and Paratech’s booth. Please post any comments about struts you like or what your department uses.

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