Struts Galore at FDIC

Walking around the floor at FDIC I thought to myself that I must be in extrication heaven, or at least Struts Galore to say the least!  Struts were everywhere at FDIC.  Almost every major strut manufacturer had a booth with a car with the rubber up.  Below are a few pictures from Res-Q-Jack’s and Paratech’s booth.  Please post any comments about struts you like or what your department uses.

Res-Q-Jack offers free training at Stabilization Universities that are held around the United States.   Free, training that covers Vehicle Stabilization, Hydraulics and Over-Ride Extrication, and Advanced Roll-Overs, and Complex Set-Ups.  I’m sure that Res-Q-Jack will be marketing their product lines, but they should get kudos for offering free training.

The Res-Q-Jack_Space-Saver_Extrication_Strut-FDIC_2011The Res-Q-Jack_Space-Saver_Extrication_Strut-FDIC_2011

Paratech was displaying their ALL IN ONE vehicle stabilizer with the Twist Lock Collar seen below.  The product name is the TVS or Twistlock Vehicle Stabilizer. Even though other manufacturers make an integrated ratchet, I think Paratech hit a home-run with the integrated ratchet belt with the strap rolled up.  The whole strut kit looks clean and streamlined.


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