First Look: The Hybrid Hook

Now I’m sure we are never going to look like the guy in the picture on the left.  Lets hope not!  (Sorry Hazmat guys, I’m only an ops guy myself)  However, the picture brings up an interesting question, what’s a quick way to pull a victim away from a shock hazard that is caused by an EV or Hybrid?  An insulated hook? Forget about all the safety systems on these vehicles that automatically disconnect the HV and the view that you would never use a tool like this.  I agree with that 99.9%.  Yet, when we arrive on scene there is no telling what we are going to run into.

So take a look at the Hybrid Hook by Fire Hooks Unlimited.  The Hybrid Hook is made to remove persons grounded to Hybrid battery’s with as much as 600 volts DC. This insulated hook protects at a ratio of 25,000 volts per inch of fiberglass because of it’s unique design.  I sent an email to Fire Hooks Unlimited asking for a little more info so stay tuned.


I have seen Insulated Rescue Hooks like the one below in High Voltage (HV) labs in the auto industry that test HV batteries and cables.


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