Product Review:COAST Products Rapid Response Knife

COAST Products sent out one of their Rapid Response knives and my first thought when I held the knife in my hand is it has a Benchmade quality feel to it.  The blade felt solid in the opened position and there was no play or slop. Another feature was the blade lock located on the handle, it was firm and tight.  After a couple of months of use the lock is just as tight as the day I got the knife. I have had issues with blade locks in the past, but not with this one.

Rapid Response knife

I really don’t have a compliant with the RX311 Rapid Response knife.  However, I have a suggestion for anyone who buys one.  The Blade-Assist “Push Open” feature works at just a little different angle than I’m used.  After a few times opening the blade it was a nonissue.   So just stick with it for a day or two and you will get used to it.

Rapid Response knife

The bottom line, for around $35 this knife is a no-brainer!  I put the RX311 Rapid Response knife through the paces that included a bunch of station duties and to cut out my 3 boy’s Christmas presents and it is still as sharp as it was out of the box.

Make sure you check out COAST’s full line of knives here!

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