Mercedes-Benz Extrication Cut Points

Embedded in the black shading at the edge of the windshield and the rear window on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan are lines that show where the heavily reinforced roof and “A” and “C” pillars can be cut safely.  Basically, Mercedes-Benz has provided extrication cut points.  We should always remove the trim inside a vehicle a double check that there are no hazards like stored gas inflators.  However, if there was a time you had to depend solely on the cut points, you have the backing of the engineers at Mercedes-Benz.  Not to mention the lawyers had to sign off on these cut points.

For on new vehicles, checkout our Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry DVD.

Mercedes-Benz Extrication Cut Points


The Mercedes-Benz Guidelines for Rescue Services Passenger Cars (2012)  includes easy-to-use diagrams showing air bag and battery location for various Mercedes-Benz model families. Especially important when fire is involved, the diagrams also show the location of magnesium parts, ETR seat belt tensioners and auxiliary batteries that are used on some models. And, since auto-dimming mirrors contain a thin layer of corrosive electro-chromic liquid, even the identifying dot on all auto-dimming mirrors is called out as a caution to rescue workers.

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