FDIC Opening Ceremonies

“Loyalty and service are not things of the past for the fire service!” Bobby Halton, Fire Engineering editor in chief FDIC education director, passionately told the attendees at the Opening Ceremonies Wednesday morning. “Loyalty ranks high, and selfless service is first and foremost. Selfless service is our keystone value today, as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow.”

Chief Halton talked about the words on the challenge coins that were given out to FDIC instructors this year,  “I knew you would come.”  Check out the post that Fire Engineering put up that highlights many great messages in the speech.

Paul Hasenmeier of First Due Tackle unveiling his TECGEN/business suit FDIC evening attire. "Business in the front, party in the back!"Paul from First Due Tackle took FDIC by storm last night with his one of a kind TECGEN business suit.  Paul is getting the message out to our fellow brothers and sisters that you need to consider continuing your education outside of the tradition training and complete a college degree.  For younger folks and firefighters trying to break into the career ranks in the fire service, college credits can help you gain points on the hiring list.  Many options are available to attend college on a flexible schedule online and in the classroom.  Columbia Southern University and several other colleges even have programs tailored toward the schedules of firefighters.  If you are at FDIC, stop by their booth and check them out.

Just like Chief Halton talked about loyalty in the opening ceremonies for FDIC we moved our hosting of this site from PennWell to the First Arriving Network.  The folks behind First Arriving Network are no newbies to the fire service or the Internet side of it.  They started Firehouse.com a couple of decades ago and were behind FirefighterNation. Look for many good things to come from Boron Extrication in the coming year!

FOOLS-Bash-fools-challenge-coin-FDICOne of the highlights of Wednesday night at FDIC is the FOOLS Bash and yesterday was no different.  I ran into many old friends at the bash and a finally met a few new ones.  Lieutenant Isaac Frazier from St. Johns County Fire Rescue in NE Florida. He is the creator of the course Tactical Extrication which is starting to take the country by storm.  The Tactical Extrication classes are hands on training that is based off of real world scenarios that Lt Frazier runs into all the time running on America’s deadliest highway.

The night ended at a spot in Indy that has become a tradition for Rhett (aka The Fire Critic), Paul (First Due Tackle), Willie Wines (aka The Iron Fireman), and myself.  The Wild Beaver.  After spending a couple hours finishing off the night there we headed back to find our hotels.

Stay tuned for the Thursday post!  Many great things going on!

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