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FDIC Opening Ceremonies


“Loyalty and service are not things of the past for the fire service!” Bobby Halton, Fire Engineering editor in chief FDIC education director, passionately told the attendees at the Opening Ceremonies Wednesday morning. “Loyalty ranks high, and selfless service is ...

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Extrication Zone: Principles of Extrication (Webcast)

Looking some great free extrication training online? Look no further than Les Baker's Extrication Zone: Principles of Extrication Webcast!

Looking some great free extrication training online?  Look no further than Les Baker’s Extrication Zone: Principles of Extrication Webcast!  So what are the Principles of Extrication?  Tune into the webcast! Regardless of the degree of vehicle damage and the resulting level of ...

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Extrication Update

New extrication (plus a bunch more fire service info) blogger on the FireEMSBlogs.com network, X-Trication Radio, articles from Les Baker…….

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Multi-Door Pickup Truck Side Removal

Make sure you read David Dalrymple's article titled Multi-Door Pickup Truck Side Removal. But what is different? Isn't just a truck with four doors? Kind of........

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School Bus Extrication Quick Tips

School Bus Extrication, what is in your mental toolbox? Check out the Quick Tips on school bus extrication and file the tips away into your mental toolbox!

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Drawn by Fire, A Top Christmas Gift?

I’m kind of putting a gift idea out there for my wife and maybe some others as well. Believe it or not, she sometimes jumps onto my blog to see what was so important that I didn’t make it to ...

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