Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry (Online Extrication Training)

The first Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry was a great success!  Welcome to Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry 2.0! We have refined this great extrication training program that is relevant for newest Jake to the seasoned Chief. All the material is fresh and up to date. We don’t use one PowerPoint over and over. Our presentations are revised after each class because we believe the content needs to consistently evolve. Will have access to the material the PowerPoints after the class as well as the videos. You can share the material with the members of your department but it cannot be posted online.

So what does this course entail?

It is a 2 week program that has 4 main video presentations ranging in length from 45-60 minutes each. Also included are to short bonus videos. The videos will be posted on Mondays and Thursdays during the course.  Bonus videos on Saturdays.

  1. New vehicle Technology
  2. Outside the Box Tips and Techniques
  3. Working the Metal
  4. Use of Technology to stay informed

Bonus Weekend Videos

  1. EMS and Extrication
  2. Crash Recovery System Overview

The course is formatted to fit the varying schedules of firefighters. The course consists of 4 topics that are that are presented in a video format. All of the videos are preloaded and will automatically post on the date and time stated on the course syllabus.

Questions will be posted about the material throughout the week. Students will interact with the instructor and fellow students throughout the course on a forum. Part of the requirement to obtain a certificate is commenting and discussing the material on the forum. This will allow the students to share their experiences with all the students while providing a global cross section of the extrication community.

All students will receive updates for each new class.   Students from the first Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry held back in October 2014 will also receive all of the new videos and PowerPoints.

Students will be required to watch each video and participate in discussion on an online forum.

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 Course runs from March 2nd thru March 15th, 2015.

$25 USD

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