Training Scenario: Driver Foot Entrapment

You arrive on scene of a MVC with the extensive intrusion by the instrument panel and footwell. You notice that the floor pan has wrapped around the driver’s foot and your patient is complaining of left hip pain.


After removing the driver door the picture below is what you see. What steps are you going to take to free this patient from the vehicle?
audi-extrication-Training-Scenario-Driver-Foot-entrapment-hipNext, your officer shows you the vehicle schematic on Moditech’s Crash Recovery System and you now know that the rockers panels have a reinforcement. The material of the reinforcement belongs to the category medium heavy with a tensile strength between 79,771 psi (550 N/mm²) and 195,801 psi (1,350 N/mm²).  In other words, strong New Vehicle Technology (NVT) metals.

My department had a similar MVC with a Police Cruiser hitting a tree. I was not on scene, but guys who were told me that it was an extended extrication with a bunch of outside the box techniques used to free the officer’s foot. Many hand tools and  a winch were used.

After studying the pictures, head over to BoronExtrication’s Facebook post and comment with rescuers from around the world to determine what their steps were and compare to yours.

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