Rescue Openings

Weber Rescue

The Weber Rescue and Rescue Days Facebook pages are must follow pages for rescuers around the world. If you need the text translated into a different language, Facebook makes it as simple as selecting the “See Translation” link in the posting. In our Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry DVD is a video called Use of Technology to stay informed and it walks rescuers thru the different resources available to rescuers.

Rescue Opening

For a rescue opening it’s not always necessary to cut the car. Often it is sufficient to push the car to its original condition to get enough space for the rescue (see red arrows).

Here, a combination of spreader and ram is perfect to make a small opening large. In real use there are even no relief cuts necessary. The deformation have already formed pivot points automatically and we do not want to overstretch the structure.

Extrication Tips

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