2020 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid (Hybrid System)

This is the second part about the 2020 Acura MDX Hybrid. The first part that covers the body structure can be found here. The information below was taken from the Acura Emergency Response Guide (ERG). These guides are useful to review in full, however, here’s a few highlights.

High-voltage Systems

The Power Drive Unit (PDU) is located below the center console and houses the liquid-cooled inverter and other high-voltage system components. The PDU is highlighted in the image below with a red box.

The heavy-duty orange cables are the High-voltage cables and are typically routed away from cut points. Keep in the mind, many manufacturers do not account for techniques that ram, spread, or push against areas the not in their identified cut zones.

High-Voltage Shutdown

One topic that is always surfaces is how to shutdown down a hybrid or EV vehicle. The manufacturer has two recommended methods to prevent current flow/shutdown the high voltage system. This should be complete prior to extricating occupants out of a damaged Acura MDX Sport Hybrid.

Power Button

In the ERG, the best method to shutdown the high-voltage system is to push and hold the POWER button for 2 seconds. This turns off the gasoline engine and immediately shuts down the high-voltage system controllers. It also cuts power to the airbags and the seat belt tensioners, though these pyrotechnic devices have up to a 3-minute deactivation time. To prevent accidental restarting, you must remove the keyless remote from the vehicle and move it at least 20 feet away.

Cable Cut Label

The second best method is to open the hood and locate the cut labels. Once the labels are located, cut the negative 12-volt battery cable and the DC-to-DC converter cable.

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