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Moditech has done it again! Free Extrication App! Well kind of Free! But not really Free!

Moditech the people behind the Crash Recovery System have stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun by offering a version of CRS on the iPad. The app named iCRS Standard USA was released on the iTunes app store on November 18, 2011 for low price of FREE! Yes free! If you have an iPad this is a must have app! Download and use it to test the extrication knowledge of your crew.

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Chevrolet Volt catches fire weeks after crash, feds probe.

The headline that started making the rounds thru the news networks was "Chevrolet Volt catches fire after crash". What you have to read into the story is the Chevrolet Volt caught fire in storage more than three weeks after a government crash test. That's right three weeks after the test. The first news report I heard completely left out that it happened three weeks after the test.

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