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Hidden Hazards Inside of a Vehicle

Ford CRS

Situational Awareness is the new catch phrase in the extrication world. First responders must be aware of hazards of a vehicle from bumper to bumper!

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NFPA’s Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide

The NFPA just released a Emergency Field Guide for sale.  The price is modest at $45 for a print copy.  I like to see extrication field guides hitting the market.  There’s a pocket electric/ hybrid guide getting ready to be released ...

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CODA Automotive Electric Vehicle

Yet another electric vehicle on the road!  CODA Automotive re-engineered an existing gasoline-powered vehicle, the Chinese Hafei Saibao. The CODA is a rolling-chassis Chinese sedan with some Chinese-made lithium-ion cells that are installed along with the drivetrain in California. CODA Automotive is a privately held ...

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