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Diablo Blade vs Carbon Fiber Indycar

Indy Car Extrication INDY 500 Rescue

After posting about the BMW i8 with a carbon fiber body structure, Peter Fiset from Holmatro USA sent me this video cutting carbon fiber/honeycomb aluminum/carbon fiber.

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Extrication Patents

Below are some different images from patents filed by the Hydraulic Rescue Tool Makers.

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FDIC HOT Extrication Setup

FDIC 2014 HOT Classes

Tomorrow is the first of two days of HOT Vehicle Extrication classes at FDIC.  This weekend we set up at Zore’s Inc in Indy. Tonight was also the HOT Instructors meeting where I got to see a legend in the ...

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Holmatro Rescue Support Bag

Many of us have bunker pants full of personal tools we on everything from a vehicle extrication to removing the access panel on a RTU to verify it is just a belt burning that set off the duct detector. How many times do you pull out every tool except the one you need? Well, Holmatro in keeping with developing new and useful tools has created the “Rescue Support Bag”. Want to know what is in the bag??

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Extendo Ram versus Telescopic Ram

The Extendo ram XR 4360 is a unique, innovative Holmatro concept combining manual and hydraulic extension. This tool saves you valuable time, bridging gaps quicker and with more precision than ever before! You simply pull it out and start spreading. This means you can use its hydraulic spreading force almost immediately, which is 10 t at every length.

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