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2014 Opel Cascada Body Structure

The 2014 Opel Cascada body structure has some unique features.  The A-pillars are press hardened and they conceal hard rolled steel reinforcement bars that reach down below the doors.  At the rear, the rollover bars are anchored in the strongest ...

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2013 Subaru Impreza Body Structure and Airbags

Just like every Subaru, the 2013 Impreza has their Ring-Shaped Frame Reinforcement body structure with extensive use of high-tensile steel in body structure for strength and safety. All 2013 Impreza models feature a driver’s knee airbag on a roster of ...

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2010 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible

Bentley Motors developed an advanced rollover protection system that is installed beneath the rear headrests for occupant safety. The way the system works is, if the car’s on-board computer senses that it is about to roll during an accident, the two reinforced steel hoops pictured below are deployed in a split second. The steel hoops work in conjunction with the strong windshield frame to protect passengers in the front and rear seats.

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