Holmatro Rescue Support Bag

Many of us have bunker pants full of personal tools we on everything from a vehicle extrication to removing the access panel on a RTU to verify it is just a belt burning that set off the duct detector.  How many times do you pull out every tool except the one you need? Well, Holmatro in keeping with developing new and useful tools has created the “Rescue Support Bag”.  The bag has all the tools pictured and listed below.  Hopefully, once a very loyal BoronExtrication.com follower – Yorman J. Mari Peraza – gets his bag of goodies from Holmatro;  I will see if I can strong arm a product review out of him to follow up this post.  In the mean time, check out the pictures and let me know your thoughts. How would you use this bag and tools? Also, how would you secure to yourself, or would leave it in your locker and grab when you needed it?  The bag comes with a fully adjustable waist and thigh straps that are easily secured by a 3-point click buckle. 

Last question for you, want would be the maxium you would pay this collection of tools?  Carl DeVer Avery posted on Facebook that he wonders “what the cost is versus making you own?” would be.  Great question!

Rescue Support Bag

1. Mini LED torch
2. Hook tool
3. Fork tool
4. Multi-cutter
5. Tyre deflator
6. Marker pen
7. Seatbelt cutter
8. Window punch
9. Flexible steel rule

Modern vehicles present rescuers with many challenges. In order to perform a safe and timely extrication, using the proper assist tools is just as important as working with the right hydraulic rescue equipment. However, these assist tools are often overlooked and misplaced at the scene of a rescue. The Rescue Support bag from Holmatro solves this problem: From now on your assist tools are there when you need them, ready for use in one place.

The Holmatro Rescue Support Bag Brochure is also available.

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