Rescue Openings

Extrication Tips

The Weber Rescue and Rescue Days Facebook pages are a most follow for rescuers around the world. If you need the text translated into a different language, Facebook makes it as simple as selecting the "See Translation" link in the posting.

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2016 Lexus RC Body Structure

The 2016 Lexus RC Body Structure dissipates the force of a collision, crumple zones in the front and rear are intentionally designed to compress at a controlled rate to help protect occupants within the more rigid passenger compartment.

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2016 Ford Taurus Seatbelt Prentensioner

Prentensioners Before we take a look at the 2016 Ford Taurus, let’s review the 3 different types of seat-belt pretensioners. Pretensioners are designed to reduce the load on the occupant in a violent crash by tightening the belt during the very first fractions ...

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