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Product Review: ResQMe Tool

First off, the small size of the tool is one of the biggest assets. It fits easily onto a swivel snap hook which I keep on my radio strap. This makes it easy to use and keeps it readily accessible. This method eliminates digging thru pockets trying to find the tool you are looking for.

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Mercedes-Benz Extrication Cut Points

Embedded in the black shading at the edge of the windshield and the rear window on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan are lines that show where the heavily reinforced roof and “A” and “C” pillars can be cut safely.  Basically, Mercedes-Benz has provided ...

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Packexe SMASH Glass Management for Vehicle Extrication

Staying with the theme of my previous post - Laminated Glass Poses Significant Danger – I wanted to write about the use of a product to manage the glass during an extrication. Or “Time Critical Glass Management for vehicle extrication” as the Packexe puts it. The product is called the Packexe SMASH. The adhesive used on the Packexe SMASH was specifically formulated for holding glass which protects the patients and rescue team from glass fragments and dust. I have yet to use the Packexe SMASH system but would like to! However, based on the video below the application of the product looks straight forward. Please check out the Packexe website for more information. Fill free to post any comments or experiences with the Packexe SMASH

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