Quick Tip: Removing Laminated Glass in Vehicle Doors

Here is a quick tip from the Merecedes Benz Rescue Guide about removing laminated side glass in vehicle doors.  A saw is what first comes to mind to remove laminated glass, and that works well in this case.   So pick your hand tool, grab a Extrication Tomahawk or GlasMaster and knock a hole in the bottom of the window, saw out the bottom of the window at the bottom along the door, and then press the window outwards and pull it out of the guide rails.

Laminated Safety Glass Removal Vehicle Extrication

Always keep in mind, laminated side glass can be considered managed and left in place. The above technique is when the glass needs to be removed.  Check out the Extrication Tomahawk below, we just got one in and will be doing a First Look and Gear Test on it this year.

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