Spring Window Punch Extrication Tools

How many window punches have met the end of their useful life in your bunker pants pocket?  How about the glass master on the rig?  Does that punch on the end of the glass master still work?   How many times have you set the spring on the typical window punch only to find out its broken?  Sure you can break the window with just about anything, but that’s not the right way.

During an extrication drill this fall the AC at my department handed me his Zak Tool spring mounted window punch.  He told me he got it a FDIC a couple years ago and in hindsight, he wished he would have bought a box of them.  So I got some information off the tool and did some research online and contacted Zak Tools.

The fine people over at ZAK Tool sent me over a couple of spring window punches.  The best feature of the window punch is how simple it is to operate and made from very basic parts.  To operate, simply hold the point against the lower corner of the vehicle window.  Pull the opposite end of the punch body and release.  That’s it!  You can get the model with the pocket hook or the key ring attachment.  Zak Tool punches are made of heat treated stainless steel and are designed to provide an indefinite period of service.  No rusting in the pocket of our bunker pants.

You can get the ZAK Tool window punch at stores like TheFireStore.com and even Amazon.com.

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