Quick Tip! A twist on a dash roll!

Have you ever performed a dash roll and then realize that the ram is really in the way of getting the patient out of the vehicle?  Of course not!  We all plan ahead and during an extrication we are always thinking several steps ahead of the current task being preformed.  Just in case you ever do find a ram in the way of removing the patient, take a quick look at the illustration from Weber Rescue and let me know what you think!

Weber Rescue Dash Extrication

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  1. How will this work with Ultra High Strenght Steel in the dash supports and bulk head?

  2. If your gonna spend the time doing that you may aswell just carry out a dash lift?

  3. just use wooden shims in place of a hydraulic tool; they are smaller and don’t waste a hydraulic tool.  There should be some shims there anyway since you will need to add cribbing as you roll the dash and the car lifts off of the forward cribbing.

  4. Not only does this method give a redundancy for safety while displacing the dash it also splits the load between the 2 tools and will minimize the risk of either tool kicking out