AT&T Alternative-fuel vehicles

You get dispatched to a cable company van that is upside down on the highway.  Did you ever think it could be a CNG vehicle?  While At&t has deployed over 5000 Alternative-fuel vehicles deployed including 3,469 CNG vehicles and 1,617 hybrid electric vehicles, as part of a $565 million commitment to deploy approximately 15,000 alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs) over a 10-year period through 2018.  So what do you know about CNG vehicles?

Here’s a list of guides that are availble:

Ford AT&T CNG Van
2012 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van (1200 vehicles)

ATT Chevrolet CNG Express Van

The delivery of 1,200 Chevrolet Express compressed natural gas (CNG) dedicated cargo vans will be deployed to AT&T service centers nationwide.  So chances are, you may have one roaming the roads near you!

GM CNG Van Natural Gas Safety Extrication AT&T

So how are all those trucks going to get fuel?  In Michigan, DTE Energy Company unveiled a public fueling station on 44th Street SW for vehicles operating on compressed natural gas (CNG).  DTE has 20 natural gas stations in Michigan and sells the compressed natural gas to other companies like AT&T for use in its fleets of trucks.  Keep an eye out and know what’s in your response area!

DTE CNG Fueling Station Extrication

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