2014 Ford Fusion Body Structure

The 2014 Ford Fusion has an unique body structure.  We covered the 2013 Ford Fusion last year here, but felt the need to update the material on the Fusion.  The A-Pillar design stretches to the C-pillar and joins all 3 pillars together in what is called the “roof rail” which is similar to how the rocker panel stretches the pillars.

2014_Ford_Fusion_Extrication_Body_Closures 2014_Ford_Fusion_Extrication_Body_Closures-A-pillar

2014_Ford_Fusion_Extrication_Body_Closures-Body-in-White-BIW 2014_Ford_Fusion_Extrication_Body_Closures-B-pillar2014_Ford_Fusion_Extrication_Body_Closures-A-pillar2014_Ford_Fusion_Extrication_Body_Closures-B-pillar-UHSS


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