2016 KIA Soul EV ERG Overview

Emergency Response Guide

The information below is taken from the Emergency Response Guide supplied by KIA for he Soul EV.  This post is a quick look at the information that is pertinent to first responders.

Body Structure

The 2016 KIA Soul EV has a body structure with Ultra-High Strength Steel in the B-Pillar.  High strength steel throughout the remaining structure.


The immobilization steps for the KIA Soul mirror most EV vehicles.  Chock the wheels, set the parking brake, and place the transmission in Park.  The KIA Soul EV has a virtual sound of engine but that maybe damaged during a crash.  Also keep that in mind if you hear it, it is still an EV vehicle.

Start-Stop-System-ExtricationThe “POWER” START/STOP Button is located on the center console in front of the transmission selector. Take a quick look at the table on the left about shuting down the vehicle with the START/Stop button.



Per the KIA Soul EV Emergency Response Guide the drain time of the electrical system is 3 minutes or longer.

Make sure the vehicle ignition switch is turned off, disconnect the negative cable from the 12V auxiliary battery, and recommended wait at least 3 minutes or longer to allow the system to deactivate.


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