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EMS Aspects of Extrication FDIC 2014


I talk with many rescue instructors like Eric Rickenbach and David Dalrymple often how important the EMS aspect of extrication is. After all, the patient, not the vehicle, is the whole reason we are there. If you are heading to FDIC this year I would check out the EMS Aspects of Extrication workshop

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Vehicle Extrication DVD Series Set

David Dalrymple’s new three-DVD vehicle extrication series from Fire Engineering was introduced at FDIC this year. David has his Roadway Rescue crew filmed the majority of this DVD series in Dearborn, Michigan. To buy the DVDs, please visit PennWell Books. The DVDs can be bought iindividually or if you buy all three PennWell cuts about a a$100 off.

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Fire & Rescue Magazine (A Free UK Magazine??)

Fire & Rescue is a magazine out of the United Kingdom published by the Hemming Group. The magazine is published quarterly and is available for download and by free subscription with free worldwide delivery! To subscribe, go to HemmingFire.com and feel out your information! Your free subscription also provides unlimited access to FireandRescue.net!

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Terc US Presents Top Gun of Vehicle Rescue

Leave it up to David Dalrymple from RoadwayRescue, LLC to post a training event that makes me want to jump in the car and drive out to New Jersey. The training event is called Terc US Presents Top Gun of Vehicle Rescue. Read the info below and visit the website for more information. Sounds like a great laidback weekend of training.

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Moditech February 2011 Newsletter, The Inflatable Seatbelt Airbag

First off, if you do not recieve the Moditech Newsletter than go straight to their website and sign up for it! Acheive newsletters as far back as 2006 as also availible on their website. Take advantage of the free very useful information that Moditech Rescue Solutions provides in the newsletter. While you are at the Moditech Site, make sure you take a look at the Crash Recovery System (CRS).

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